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Uptown Laundry Pricing & Services

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Self Service

Our Machines

Washing Machines

4 x 6.5kg Washing Machines

1 x 7kg Washing Machine

1 x 7kg Dryer

1 x 9kg Front Loader Washing Machine for
work clothes, large loads and smaller blankets

1 x 13.6kg Industrial Washing Machine for
work clothes, large loads, blankets, doonas etc


3 x 9kg Dryers

2 x 13kg Dryers

Most machines are brand new, all are serviced and cleaned on a regular basis

Self Serve Prices


Top Loader 6.5kg – $5 per load (30 min)

Front Loader 13.5kg – $10 per load (27 min)

Front Loader 9kg – $7 per load (40 min)

Front Loader 6kg – $7 per load (35 min)


Dry – $1 per 8 min

Change Available

There is a Change Machine available on site that accepts all coins & notes except: 5c pieces or $50 notes

Done For You – Serviced Laundry

Serviced Wash Prices

We sort, clean, dry and fold your washing so it’s all ready for you to pick up


Standard – Washing Basket
Large – Washing Basket

Dry Only

$10.90 – Standard

$15.90 – Large

Wash & Dry

$21.90 – Standard

$31.90 – Large

Dry & Fold

$15.90 – Standard

$17.90 – large

Deluxe Package

Wash, Dry & Fold

$27.90 – Standard

$37.90 – Large


FREE Delivery of Clean Laundry within Newcastle Precinct

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