How it Works with Uptown Laundry

Choose Your Washing Adventure Below


Step 1: Arrive with Dirty Laundry & Cash

Washing Powder is available on site for just $1 a scoop

Change Machine available on site! Accepts all cash except 5c pieces


Step 2: Get Washing!

  1. Pick your favourite machine
  2. Put in your dirty clothes & powder
  3. Insert coins in the slots
  4. Let the machines do the rest! 

Step 3: Drying

  1. Pick your favourite Dryer
  2. Insert a $1 coin into the slot to start drying!
  3. Add coins to increase the timer at any point
  4. Go grab a coffee or food from a nearby cafe!

Want it Done For You?

Serviced Laundry is your answer! We'd love to do it!

Step 1: Speak to an Attendant

They will get all your dirty laundry sorted for you no problems & give you all the information you need


No attendant? No sweat, let's go to Step 2

Step 2: Drop Off Facility

  1. Fill in the form on the counter
  2. Place your laundry in one of the bags available
  3. Place your form in the bag then drop it down the chute!

Step 3: Attendant will Contact You

The Attendant will see your bag on return

Then contact you when it's done! Too easy!


How does Dry Cleaning Work?

It's the same process as above: Fill in the form, place it in the bag, put all through the chute!